Nova Fashion with one of the major players in the knitwear sector of our country with its investments in manufacturing. Equipped with 182 units of latest technology STOLL knitting machines ranging from gauges 3 to 16,and advanced knitwear washing and treating units as well as wide raw material sources and high standards, Texim and Novak manufacture and export its products to leading world brands.

Established in 1991, Texim is the first production company of our group. Texim, which has a leading position in the Turkish knitwear sector with its completely renewed facility and infrastructure in 2006, manufactures under the “made in Turkey” label for the world’s best quality brands in Istanbul.

Texim is not simply a knitwear production facility, it is a new way to make knitwear.

The whole company is occupied with state-of-the art production monitoring systems, letting us to achieve very high efficiency and quality levels, and offering our customers monitor the status of their orders up to date. Thanks to the fully integrated collection plant we installed, we can provide a very strong R&D support to our partners. And the technology we implemented in the facility lets us to offer all kinds of knitting techniques possible, as well as special treatment options on different fibres from cotton to cashmere.

Further information on Texim can be found at the company website and company profile.

Novak, the second production facility of the group, provides service with a production structure compatible with today’s technology, located in Kavak region in Samsun. It produces large volume knitwear for world brands through its organic partner with Texim.

NOVAK is not only a state -of-the art production plant, but is also a social project which is based upon training & recruiting more than 500 employees in Anatolia.

Factory itself is a signature of NFG’s expertise in textiles production, with every detail carefully installed, to increase productivity and create a safe working environment in a rural area.

Novak, with its production, quality control and logistics staff trained directly at site, is the candidate for becoming among the best textile production sites in Anatolia. But more important than this, Novak for us, is our ambition, is our dream, and is the solid outcome of our imagination.