Our group companies Hemington and Knitss supply both Turkish and world markets with high quality products. Our group strategy for the next 5 years is to increase production and sales of branded products.

Menswear brand Hemington collection is designed for men with refined taste, seeking quality at every moment of life. Hemington products are produced in high quality standards of extra fine merino yarn, pure cashmere, Giza Cotton and silk fibers from special regions of the world. Each item has expertise in it and provide a unique wearing experience to consumers.

Combining naturalness with elegance, modernity with comfort, Hemington collection shaped by the hands of talented designers for men who looks for the value they deserve.

Hemington takes its expertise from the land pf birth and perfects its quality with the best yarns from all over the world and universalizes its story with its collection that is compatible with fashion trends.

For information: https://www.hemington.com.tr/

KNITSS is the contemporary knitwear brand. Inspired by art, life and interactions, the brand offers a spectacular looking complete wardrobe.

With a clear identity that epitomizes Creative Director Duygu Boz appreciation of style and modern sophistication, KNITSS is characterized by its equally effortless and luxurious style. Introducing new wardrobe staples every season, KNITSS creates a collection of contrasting and complementary items.

Designed with finest quality Italian yarns and handcrafted with great attention to every detail, all KNITSS products provide a spectacular look in a sports comfort. Every piece of the line is designed in a way to mix and match with each other to become more than the sum of its parts.

For information: https://www.knitss.com