As Nova Fashion Group we believe that, the most important factors in achieving success are qualified workforce for production and efficient use of all inputs such as equipment, materials, energy and finance… Therefore, all of our employees should aim productivity both on the company and individual level. Efficient production is our biggest asset in changing world.

Business Confidence

Business Confidence is a high priority for Nova Fashion Group. We update our systems and work codes as per existing laws and decrees and continuously try to improve. It is our corporate responsibility to educate our employees in business confidence issues. It is mandatory for our employees to attend these training courses.

Team Work

As Nova Fashion Group we give emphasis to creating a sustainable work environment which enables healthy, happy and compatible workplace.

Respect For Humanity

Nova Fashion Group guarantees basic human rights for all our employees regardless of position, duty within the organisation or social status.


It is both a right and a responsibility for all of our employees in Nova Fashion Group to solve problems before they become more complex, work towards better results, freely express ideas on work issues in a respectful manner, make constructive criticisms and be open for same criticisms. All communication within the Group and with third parties should be made with care, respect and corporate code of ethics in mind.


The development in Nova Fashion Group is ongoing process with being on a quest to achieve better in terms of service, product and human resources. Therefore, the development of all our employees is supported. Providing a suitable environment for promotion and promotion from bottom to top within and between departments is our corporate policy.

Work Environment

All employees should adhere company code of ethics, interact respectfully with all colleagues whether superior or subordinate including third parties that they are in business relations, have open communication channels, show empathy, cooperation and support.